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Pictures by: Agnes Maltesdotter

A quick guide of what to expect from a stay at our eco-friendly, contemporary hotel.

13.55 SUNDAY
Arriving to Hotel Skeppholmen. On the far end of the island you'll find a contemporary hotel built in old military buildings dating from 1699, with interior by renowned Swedish architect and interior firm Claesson Koivisto Rune.

14.00 SUNDAY
Check in to your room and take a long shower while enjoying toiletries from Byredo.

15.30 SUNDAY
It’s time to practice your serve on Sweden’s first outside tennis court built by King Oscar II back in 1882. 

16.30 SUNDAY
After a game, set, match please join us for afternoon drinks at a sun chair in our lovely garden.

19.00 SUNDAY
Head down for dinner at our restaurant 'Långa Raden' and enjoy our swedish gastronomic heritage. 

12.00 MONDAY
After enjoying the outstanding complimentary breakfast buffet its time to check out. We hope to see you soon again!

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