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Our 3 best tips for mixing Sweden's best Gin & Tonic

Now it’s official - Sweden’s best Gin & Tonic is to be found at Miss Clara! Our head bartender Mihail Mihaylov was just rewarded as winner of Sweden’s best Gin & Tonic, a prestigious contest arranged by Schweppes. Mihail’s take on GT is something special and offers everything from notes of rosemary, burned grapefruit and Sichuan flower.

Want to mix a tasty GT of your own? Here’s Mihails 3 best tips:

1. Keep it simple, all you need is gin, tonic, citrus, and maybe some fresh herbs

2. Quality is key. Use large ice cubes, a tasty gin, high-quality tonic and some fresh garniture

3. No straws, please

Not up for mixing your own cocktails? Come try Mihail’s winner drink with us at Miss Clara instead! 

Want to experience Sweden's best Gin & Tonic?

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