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Our own Miss Clara merch in collaboration with our all-time fav illustrator Dennis Eriksson

We’ve created our own Miss Clara merch in collaboration with our all-time fav illustrator Dennis Eriksson, a well-known Swedish artist with a truly unique style. Dennis is fantastic at creating expressive environments, full of ingenious characters and buildings you’ll recognize from real life. When looking at Dennis illustrations there’s always new details to discover.


Dennis – Why did you want to collaborate with Miss Clara?

Working with a hotel and their restaurant is something I wanted to do for a long time. I love finding the common tread and create lively environments to fill with strong characters of people. The restaurant, the bar and the reception area at Miss Clara are places where lots of different people meet and interact, every day. It fits me like a glove.


What was your thoughts on the Miss Clara Stockholm map?

I’ve always had a thing for buildings. Not true-to-real-life-sized buildings that one can find in guide books, but characteristic buildings that’ll make you nostalgic and get you smiling at the same time. On the Miss Clara Stockholm map you’ll find the messy parts of Fridhemsplan, where the traffic is complete chaos and where I always feel like I’m in a big city at the continent. You’ll find Söderhallarna - a postmodern house on the outside that feels like going back to 1986 on the inside, it’s like everything is as it always has been in there and I love it. From the fancier parts of Östermalm you’ll find the high quality hot dog stands and of course the Spy Bar corner at Stureplan.

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